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Marta Torres Artwork

Marta Torres lives and paints in Ibiza. She looks at a place, a piece of that place and, by an ingenious process translates it, sometimes at full size, to another space, a space mixing painting and sculpture.


Marta Torres artworks are made with that reality, with artistic materials, building materials, with the light and the color of the sea where the sun is pervading everything.


It’s not possible not to talk about her mastering of textures, of the raw splashes that, little by little, configure her work with samples from nature: Ibiza earth, Mediterranean sand, branches from Sabinas, stones, doors, windows and shutters that open out of the painting to recall past moments and, also, to push you to go and see, and then better understand her art.


The material as significant of a meeting between painting, sculpture and an authentic piece of reality.


The title of the exhibition is not less interesting “Dialogue(s) de Pierres”.


Here we are talking about daily, spontaneous dialog. They say that dialog in a literary work helps to define characters. Here, when painting, Marta Torres defines with accuracy the voice of her characters in a manner that there are these voices which initiate a dialog between the artwork and the viewer.


Carlos Velilla Lon Lecturer College of Beaux-Arts University of Barcelona


Marta Torres [ Materic Paintings ]

Marta Torres is an Ibizan painter degree in Beaux-arts from the University of Barcelona (1990).


Since 1994, she exhibits her works in her own art gallery, the Gallery Marta Torres located in the city of Ibiza.


She has been painting professionally for 20 years. Before beginning her university studies she liked to paint large canvases, her main subjects were the figure and the sea.


Little by little it was making contact with the sculpture, the knowledge of this technique allowed her to move it to the painting.


Their “Materic Paintings”, as she called them, blend the color and materials approaching the sculpture. This fusion between sculpture and painting has been awarded a unique and a unmistakable style.


The theme of his paintings is talking about walls, doors and windows of the ibizan farm houses and the old town “Dalt Vila”. Also emerge with force the almond trees, the bougainvillea, the red heart of Ibiza and the Mediterranean sea.


Marta Torres paintings are made with a own technique in which uses all kinds of materials: wire, pieces of wood, doors, windows, tiles, shells, trunks of olive trees, sand beach, baskets, which she is picking up in different places on the island.


Once collected, these materials are bondend by the artist in her paintings, carrying out different collage in 3 dimensions. These objects are out of use and to be recycled in her paintings come to a new value.